Authentic Belonging: The Shared Responsibility

of Creating Inclusive Workplaces

💫 Are you seeking to move beyond mere diversity and inclusion checklists towards an authentic

culture of belonging?

💫 Do you wish to understand how both employees and organizations can play pivotal roles in

fostering this sense of belonging?

Join us for a Deep Dive into how to

cultivate a culture of true belonging:

  • Understand the essence of “Belonging” in the DEI acronym – and why it’s more than just an add-on and how it can shape the workplace culture.

  • Shift the lens from belonging being the sole responsibility of the organization to it being a collective effort involving each individual.

  • Learn about Karith’s 21-day program designed to guide your journey from understanding to living the principles of belonging in your organization.

  • Participate in an interactive Q&A session with speaker, humorist and Inclusion & Belonging expert, Karith Foster.

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